The difficulties of talking to women

I have concluded that some men date escorts because they suffer from social anxiety, says Trudy Kensington escorts of They are anxious about talking to girls and taking them out on actual dates. I know it is only a theory, but I do think it is a valid theory. Some of the more senior dates that I have here at Kensington escorts suffer from social anxiety. They claim that they are confirmed bachelors, but I do wonder why they are. Is it because they find it difficult to talk to women and girls? I am beginning to think that I am right.

I have recently started to talk to the guys I met here at Kensington escorts a lot more. Many of them have fascinating life stories to tell. The sad thing is that most of their lives are relatively empty. They all have excellent jobs and lovely homes, but they live alone. It seems strange to me, but perhaps it is not. I have to say that many of them are very intelligent and spend their time reading books and listening to music. I am sure that many of these gents could educate a girl very well.

Some cases are sadder than others. I do feel sorry for the senior gents who have lost their families. They seem a lot slower than the rest, and the most feel lonely. Some of them, once you get to know, even say that they are lonely. I can see where they came. It is almost like they isolate themselves from the rest of the human race, and it just can’t be good for them. I wonder if some of them should consider seeing a shrink to find out what is going on in their heads.

All of this makes my life more interesting when I work at Kensington escorts. I have one date who has a fascination with jigsaws. I did an outcall with him once, and we had the most exciting conversation over his jigsaws. He has some beautiful ones, and I enjoyed it. I can understand why he likes to do jigsaws, but it would just be a hobby. To him, it is his entire life. But then again, he is not doing anybody any harm, and I think he is best left alone together with his cat.

I have also realized through my work at Kensington escorts, that society can be somewhat invasive. We force so many opinions and ideas on people, and we expect them to conform. It is right, and I wonder if we, society, have created many of these people. If we weren’t so “out there,” we would perhaps all have better lives and more money in our pockets. I am not sure if I am right, but I have a hunch to make ourselves better people. It is nice to have chilled out time on your own, and I certainly appreciate the art of reading.

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