Finding Gorgeous Escorts in London – Dartford escorts

I got divorced from my wife about six months ago now, and he told me to find a gorgeous escort in London. It was clear to me that he was hoking, and the other night he did tell me that it had all been a joke. But, I don’t know what happened when I came home from the bar. Something struck a cord in me, and suddenly I found myself looking for gorgeous escorts near me online. I have to admit that I was more than a little bit drunk.


Anyway, I was sitting there on the sofa with another beer in my hand when the results came back. All of a sudden, and despite my rather sluggish Internet Dartford escorts from popped up on screen. A notice on screen told me that they had gorgeous escorts available tonight. Without hesitation I clicked on the site, something more than my curiosity had been aroused, and I sat there salivating to see what was coming next.


Before I knew it, sexy images of girls at Dartford escorts appeared and the text made a big play of what gorgeous escorts were on duty tonight at Dartford escorts. I saw this blonde who turned me on like mad. Her talents were not easy to miss and not where they actually well hidden neither. I thought to myself that I could do with a little bit of that tonight. I don’t know if it was me or the couple of beers I had with my mates that made me do it, but I did actually call the escort agency in Dartford.


A sweet voice answered Dartford escorts services and ask what my pleasure was tonight. I had to laugh, it did not sound like an escort agency, it sounded like a professional service. The girl on the phone asked me why I laughed and I tell her that she sounded like a receptionist. She said that she was the booking manager at Dartford escorts, and asked me what kitten I wanted to play with tonight.  That kind of stopped me in my tracks. However, I did go through with the booking and before I knew it, my kitten was scratching at the door.


Sara from Dartford escorts was not purring as she walked in through the door. In fact, she looked like a tigress about to tear me apart. That was before she took her coat off and showed me her sexy kitten outfit. I had never seen anything like it, and I have this feeling I will not see anything like it again. But that night I played with my little kitten and she did not scratch. Am I going to tell my friend how to find a gorgeous escort in London? I am not sure about that. I think that I will keep the gorgeous escorts at Dartford escorts to myself, and if he asks, I will just have to come up with some reasonable explanation for the cream in the fridge.



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