Does it really matter if it is small?

I am not so sure it matters if a man has a small penis. There are so many tricks that you can try, says Kina from London escorts. I have had some boyfriend with small penises and it has not really bothered me that much. You get a lot of satisfaction from friction, and that is what I always think about when I have sex with my boyfriends who have small penises. I know that a lot of the girls back at the London escorts agency I work for, say exactly the same thing, and a lot of it has to do with stimulation of the clit as well.

Also, you have to remember that a lot of ladies don’t come on penetration. Like I say to a lot of the younger girls at London escort. I really matters what you do before hand as well. It is all too easy for men with big penises to forget about foreplay, but men with smaller penises, often spend more time on foreplay. Lots of the girls back at London escort seem to forget that foreplay is an important part of sex, and it is nice when a guy focuses on foreplay.

Most men are really hung up about their penis size and are always comparing themselves. I watched a porn video with one of my dates at London escorts the other day, and the male star looked huge. I said to my date that he probably had an enhancement. It is true and I am always keen to point out to my dates at London escort that men have enhancements as well. For men who are really bothered about their penis size, it could be well worth considering an enhancement. Otherwise, I don’t think that men with smaller penises should get too hung about about things to be honest.

In my heart of hearts, I would rather have a boyfriend with a small penis who spent a bit more time on foreplay. This is another thing that I say to some of my dates at London escort who complain about small penises. I am sure that the reason some men feel under confident at times is because of their small penises but why … not all ladies have big boobs. Anyway, that is what I say to my dates at London escorts and I honestly think that is true. It is kind of simplified but theory is sound.

Actually, I think that a lot of London escort help gents when they let them vent about their sexual frustration. It is nice to be able to talk about these things, and perhaps come to some sort of conclusion about them. I think that it would be easier to move on and get on with life if we actually thought about ourselves as unique, instead of seeing each other imperfections all of the time. Why do we have to think about the negative all of the time? I think that we have a tendency to do that a little bit too much.

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