SL Tribune names Mormons Building Bridges: 2012 Utahns of the Year

by Troy Williams

A big congratulations to Mormons Building Bridges! The Salt Lake Tribune has named them the 2012 Utahns of the Year.  Well deserved.  Last summer over 300 faithful Latter-day Saints took the brave first step of marching in our Pride Parade.  Dustin Lance Black and I had the privilege to lead them in the march.  It was an incredibly inspiring and unforgettable experience.  I’m thrilled that the editors and journalists of the Tribune saw fit to honor their efforts.


photo by David Newkirk

story excerpt:

“They called themselves Mormons Building Bridges. They were not out to debate politics or doctrine, organizers said, but to promote love and listening. Still, their simple yet potent gesture echoed around the globe, setting an example for fellow believers who then took up the style, if not the name, in 15 other Pride parades. They also attracted national and international media attention, well-known enough even for spoofing in the satirical magazine The Onion.

“They are The Salt Lake Tribune’s Utahns of the Year for 2012.”

Full Story here.


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Troy is currently the public affairs director of KRCL 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City and the executive producer of RadioActive. His work has been featured in The Nation, Interview Magazine, Huffington Post, The Gay Times and OUT Magazine. He also co-wrote the one-woman show, The Passion of Sister Dottie S. Dixon. In 2011 Troy will appear in the new Errol Morris documentary, Tabloid.
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